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Durban Investment Promotion Agency
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Durban is simply the place to be. Nestling on the east coast with harbours, road and rail , first world infrastructure and a wonderful climate that boosts both agribusiness and tourism, this is one place you will really want to work, live and play in. Come and see for yourself....

DURBAN INVESTMENT PROMOTION AGENCY (DIPA for Short) is a part of the eThekwini Municipality mandated to attract, retain and grow direct investment into Durban. It is a free professional advisory service to assist investors, and medium to larger businesses.

The Durban Investment Promotion Agency, an independent Unit of the eThekwini Municipality, was recommended by the Durban City Council and organized private business as the appropriate vehicle to stimulate economic growth and new investment in the Durban metropolis. 

DIPA's main purpose is to facilitate sustainable investment in Durban for the benefit of all through the: 

  • Expansion, retention and aftercare of local corporate business

  • Proactive promotion and marketing of Durban Unicity as an investment destination

  • Proactive communication and marketing of the City's large investment projects and core strategies 

  • Identification and development of new investment & business infrastructure opportunities, especially for the previously disadvantaged groups Attraction, support and facilitation for prospective and new foreign investors in Durban 

  • Improvement in the investment and economic development environment, in partnership with the National, Provincial, City and Business Authorities.DIPA provides first level advice to businesses considering investing in South Africa and Durban. 

Durban is the best run local government in Africa, having received many awards to prove the high regard in which eThekwini Municipality is held. We as the investment promotion agency are at the forefront of the municipality's drive to secure economic development in the region. Contact us, we are eager to help you in any way you need.


CITY PARTNERS – Refurbished Laptops For Sale

Refurbished Laptops South Africa
Refurbished Laptops South Africa

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Paving Bricks


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